New opportunities for high returns

Profitability & productivity

WDS is a travel industry B2B alternative to find room availabilities at dazzling prices.

Who is the cheapest wholesaler for this room ? what 's the corresponding or most approaching BAR public price ?
WDS only keeps what s worth it, reducing the per hotel list to each room level with the top deals and best buying options.

Use our business intelligence tools to shop for high commissions.

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A win-win solution

Our commission model

10% commission

50% split on margin

10% commission is based on selling price.

50% split is based on the generated Gross Profit margin.

If the Gross Profit margin is insufficient to ensure at least 10% commission, then, 50% split on any remaining margin apply.

Set your own mark-up

Set your mark-up selling price Find BAR (best available rate) and adjust your selling price strategy accordingly.
Be competitive by offering prices benefiting your customers and allowing you at the same time to earn 3 times more.
Easily follow your bookings, due commissions, clients payments and much more, across your simple management page.

Actual general business model available
scenario: theOne hotel Miami: 2 nights - ******
3 times higher margin with WDS

Hotels and rentals
Vacation rentals

WDS queries for hotels and vacation rentals, giving you more choices for your customers. For vacation rentals, it is as easy as for hotels.

Secured transaction

Providers room matching Secured payment for your customers and yourself with Wells Fargo.

secured payment wells fargo

Back office support

Providers room matching Just contact us. In any cases we are following up with your bookings, ensuring it is confirmed and paid at any level.

A modern efficient approach

B2B booking tools

WDS uses the latest technologies available, rendering results instantly.
WDS is a responsive ES6 web app

Simple and ergonomics
fast and easy room availability search

Find profitable deals

Let WDS Deals Finder tool help you choose among the offers having the highest profitability and commission.
WDS artificial intelligence finds deals for you

Designed for travel professionals

Go straight to essentials

A clear interface allowing you a fast browsing across tables and right spot what you need.
No lag, no waiting time, it renders complex filtering instantly.
WDS is a web app and can use your computer power to execute 100 times faster than regular websites.

WDS artificial intelligence is working
Advanced tools
Advanced tools

Productivity boosters
process thousands of offers within seconds.
Let WDS intel do the job of hundred persons within few seconds.

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Large scale searches

profit margin sorter In any cases, WDS will find great deals to shop for.

Easy booking work-flow

responsive design Check out all details, policies, prices, and book within seconds.

fast booking workflow

Optimize your booking experience and revenues
Be consumer oriented with high commissions
WDS uses a unique business intelligence allowing to find BAR and GP margins.
Use our intuitive tools to find out who s the cheapest for the best service available.

WDS advanced filters and selections

Breakthrough rooms matching technology

Market analytics
WDS maps and sorts for profitability, entire travel markets at large scales.
Never miss opportunities and focus on your competitiveness.

Recursive dis/re-intermediation management

Find out financial feasibility according to intermediary actors number versus available GP margin.

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Any API sources
Providers data matching

OTA's, Wholesalers, providers, chains, channel managers, TO... are possible. WDS works with any. No matter how many you want to match. It adapts easily to any form of sources, down to your very own.

dynamic content

WDS matches and compiles hotels, rooms, offers, promotions, packages, descriptions, facilities, amenities, recreations, surrounding attractions, dining, spa, maintenances, pictures, limitations policies, cancellation policies, Mandatory Fees, taxes and so much more...

Fuzzy logic and A.I.

transpositional matrix fuzzy logicsWDS uses a unique technology called "transpositional matrix fuzzy logics". Using a suite of fuzzy logics, including machine learning, our proprietary technology matches rooms at the deepest level possible.

Simple direct API

Objectives WDS can distribute any kind of data across our API. Hotels content, matched rooms, best prices, best offers, matched hotels IDs listing, providers API booking codes and much much more..

Hotels and rooms matching

WDS uses a unique decipher method we created, we call it "transpositional matrix fuzzy logics".
It uses unique semantic and syntaxical tools in conjunction with machine learning.
Dynamically deciphers and match any travel API sources for hotels and rooms.
Finds the best and cheapest offer to buy from providers, for all rooms, all hotels.
Finds the corresponding BAR, from OTA or GDS.
Finds GP margin per room, per hotel, all corresponding policies.
Rooms complete mapping allows for easy inventories and offers management.
Rooms best price matching allows 20% more profit for Tour Operator.
A much lower error rates on bookings for everybody in the process.
WDS artificial intelligence fuzzy logic

How it works ?

WDS decipher massive city hotels searches, all rooms.

Who is the cheapest wholesaler for this room ? what 's the corresponding or most approaching BAR public price ? any policies ? boardmeal ?

WDS only keeps what s worth it from each source, reducing the per hotel list to each room level with the top deals and best buying options.

Use WDS tools to filter them out and get high returns and commissions.
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