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Mapping & business intelligence

The graal
Reaching 100% matched inventory
If we exclude manual mapping, benefiting from an automated and assisted mapping will end you with your listings mapped.
Current standards are about how many are matched directly? how many require a post validation? how fast is the assisted matching?

Our solution
Predictive mapping: a new approach
Our software is able to estimate if it s a match or not by returning a level of trust.
Dissimilarities are weighted, scored and mapped, highlighting what to look at.
It compares relevant possibilities with a chirurgical precision, ensuring reliability is at the highest, not missing any options.
In case of doubt, it picks the most relevants, including duplicates, sort them out as a list of options to choose from.

How it works
No matter errors, lingo or lack of data
It finds out of the bat, a higher number of matches.
A name's fraction, partial erroneous addresses, mixes everywhere. It works with any.
Reliability first
Often an error or a match rely on tiny data.
Staggered, our technology is able to estimate the difficulty involved, and screens all relevant data combinations.
Behind the scene
Predictive mapping uses in-house advanced adaptive heuristics and NLP.
Heuristics rough out data, while the NLP gives a confidence ratio, ranging 0 to 100%.

A super assistant robot
For assisted mapping, In 95% of cases the one it picks is the one you are looking for, or no match exist. In other cases, it will show you the 10 best options to choose from, also sorted by confidence, for a minimalist assisted mapping. As important, you know when there is no match.
Fast workflow
Right spot your prefered choice
Having options sorted by confidence, with the most relevant on top, makes post control process a breeze if needed. Our online csv tools or API responses, include all necessary data for a fast workflow.

A complete standalone
Predictive mapping works as a standalone, down to it s core.
Our ubiquitous predictive logic can receive any data type, across X number of arguments.
The same ubiquitous algorithm is applied for any data.
By using a NLP dual trust scoring model, it can match ids on various scales and refine his trust judgment. see below

Mapped in 30 secondes
Hotel id and room type all together
with mixed errors inducing an assisted matching
(Finds the most relevant, rooms are matched with a preset profile)

Operational benefits

automated mapping & matching

elimitates 95% of hard work

automatic elimination of errors

quick mapping results

automatic deduplication

Financial benefits

reduce mapping costs

increased margins

higher converstion rates

lower your purchase costs

no bookings errors

User benefits

use the API or the UI

upload your inventories

drag and drop online tools

live matching activity dashboard

dedicated manipulation interface

Current technology
tend to rely on algorithms like fuzzy logics. Efficient up to a point, they are adding database cloud processing expenses. Returning a random "distance", or yes or no answer, they are devoided of reliable nuances.
Those limits are well known with the market averaging 75% at best. Fuzzys are doing the job with good quality data, but with high discrepency it can go down to 40%, adding risks of errors.
Post check process to validate the match is costly. Some solutions are manual, others are semi assisted.

Manipulated over and over
when discrepency becomes too high between many, a human done re-qualification is needed.
Lowering as much as possible human intervention translates into lower costs ,better productivity, updated data, a reliable & fast way to requalify and maintain your inventory.
Matching techniques
manual, automated, assisted, predictive
manual, automated, assisted, predictive hotel id matching techniques
Predictive matching
Innovation brings new ways for the future of travel
predictive matching: in depth explanations, heuristics and method

Intelligent travel for today and tomorrow
Predictive mapping only needs a name or an address to work with but we are using a consensus across geo data. Data structure follows a standardized fields structure, applied across uploads, downloads, responses and databases.
Our technology is open source based, fast, scalable at will, cost effective, secured and uses optimal computing ressources.
Independent components work together as a global approach for a detailed vision.
Destination ISO
Another often seen problem is the lack of unity for destinations. From who should I fetch the geo data? Who has the most updated and accurate ones?
Transversal and minimalist, predictive matching works seamlessly with reverse geocoding services or alike.
Having an inventory maintained at an administrative ISO is the "icing on the cake". Serving as a reference for geo data (destination, address, zip,POI...), native language and future mappings.
(ongoing researches)
All suppliers welcome
Aiming at bringing 100% of your inventory to users.
If you require a particular third-party supplier, let us know and we will make it happen.

Be part of the experience
Participate in the final beta, tell us what you would like to have, get free access, power user interface level, advices.
If you have mapped tables, we can use them as a basis so they can be checked and appended.

Ubiquitous technology

A wide fields spectrum
It works with many data types, attractions & tickets, tours or other business domains.
Applicable in domains related to geolocalization, reverse geocoding, or related to addresses location, this technology is a breakthrough in heterogeneous geo data aggregation. Our predictive technology is "universal" and easily adapt to many subjects, including not related to travel industry.
Contact us if for you innovation is for today and tomorrow.

Travel clinic services
Have your system and services benefit from our experience

New technologies related marketing strategies.

Static & dynamic mappings / matchings.

Logic, Algorythm, Fuzzy, NLP, a la carte.

Sanitizing, natural language(NL) search ready.

Contents aggregation enrichment algorithms.

Destinations, POI, neighborhoods, IATA.

Best of amemities, descriptions, images.

Database structures hierarchization.

NL ready database optimisations.

B2C autocomplete & B2B search engines.

GP margins & competitive intelligence.

Suppliers API Integration NL compliance.

room type matching packages.

Logic graphs and thesaurus, training.

Script logic assistance.

Room type matrix caches.

High perfs, cost effective, dedicated servers.

Shared server entry for lowest cost.

Occasional, by day, month, per volume.

Licence, API transparent funnel.

Virtual mapping machine possible.

Not in the list? its around the corner.

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Looking forward to grow with you
We have innovations for today and tomorrow
Have you integrated numerous suppliers API? OTA, Bedbanks, GDS?
Are you into tours,tickets & attractions?
Let s map together and see if we have a match !

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