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Hyper geo search API auto complete demo

Try: dubai (city), 4441 collins avenue (address), jimeirah (neighborhood), 75016 (postal code), LAS (iata) ...

AIT multi search works with words parts like "fontain miam" will find "fontainebleau hotel" or "4441 coll av" for it s address

AIT multi search tries to right spot what you are looking for, easing your search as much as possible.

star ratings, suppliers, number of items per category, json or xml, and more. (see API doc for details)

Defaults in this demo, 3 items returned per category, all suppliers, all star ratings, all categories, all details.

Problem n° 1

Suppliers hotels Id's list
problem number 1, Hotels Id's Matching
There is no standard in the travel industry.

Each supplier offers static data (hotel name, ID, address, etc) with their own specifications.

When it comes to knowing who is who, it is time-consuming and costly to find out.

More you add suppliers, each with thousands of different references, more it is challenging.

API requirements set-up

AIT ID's matcher is easy to use.

Set sources to match (no virtual limits).
Set your priorities regarding the suppliers you prefer, or leave it to us.
Set the output files: XLS, CSV, XML, Json.
Send your files via upload or directly across the API.
Receive your response via a downloadable file, API or email.

Solution n° 1

Suppliers Id's deduplication mapper
solution number 1, AIT Suppliers Id's mapper
Having an updated suppliers ID's table is essential.

OTA's, Wholesalers, suppliers, chain listings ,independent listings or your IT's list. any are possible sources.

AIT Id's matcher works with any. No matter how many you want to match.

Deduplicated and mapped Id's table
Seq. OTA 1 Prov 1 Prov 2 Prov 3 IT's Tour 1
1 121245 US8951 104
2 168748 85741 1025
3 147952 2204 127 A2574
4 14758 1444 B123
5 107851 785 CN3452 385 C5443

Problem n° 2

Hotel content discrepencies
problem number 2, Hotel content discrepencies
Having the most relevant content is key.

Standardizing Hotels data is equally important and complex as Id's mapping.

Each provider have it's own way of delivering hotels specifications and data as each one uses a particular way of querying their database.

Hierarchical supplier matched content
Hierarchical supplier matched content
AIT hotel content matcher has a broad range of actions.

One's you know who is who, you need to know who s doing what and how.

You want to have the freedom of using a database that includes all available content for each hotel, from all suppliers.

Pre selecting the hotels of your choice for your promotions.

Relevant supplier matched content
Relevant supplier matched content
Best of all suppliers to boost content quality
Have a unified database according to your specs.
keep your habits and suppliers preferences.
Empower suppliers API searches efficiency.
Get rid of data discrepancies from some suppliers.
Aggregate the most relevant content from suppliers.
Recursive dis/re-intermediation management
Recursive dis/re-intermediation management
AIT fits any business model. Use it to your advantage.
With hotel matchingand room mapping, you can easily manage financial feasibility according to intermediary actors number, compared to the available GP margin.

Solution n° 2

Hotel most relevant content matcher
solution number 1, AIT Id's matcher
Common data for common sense.

An example: some suppliers will alter hotel cities name to include a larger area, supposedly to ease searches across their databases.

Hotels in all surrounding areas (30 miles radius !) will have the city set to Miami.

When a customer queries their databases, the returned result will consider all those cited cities as "Miami".

If you are looking for hotels in Miami beach only, you have to crawl across the entire result.

In a general manner, suppliers alter their listing according to their database capacities. Doing so, they create anomalies.

All in all this makes hotels searches imprecise across multiple suppliers, as all will have different criterias for cities.

Hotel content normalisation

When you are used to working with some suppliers, you like how they bring you good offers and quality data.

On the other hand, you might be missing important data and offers if you focus too much on some of them.

AIT hotel content matcher works hand in hand with you. Simply rank your suppliers and AIT hotel data matcher will prioritize your choices.

For instance: You prefer provider 1 (policies etc) over provider 2. AIT hotel data matcher will keep it this way and only grab provider 2 data if it s missing in provider 1.etc.

Hotel check it Correct it clean it Norm it
Name Keep as is Prov. priority irrelevant info google most
Address Keep as is on error reverse geo-coding Postal per country
City freeze Prov. priority no none
Zip code yes on error yes Postal per country
US states yes on error yes ISO 3166-2
country code yes Forced yes ISO ALPHA-2
country name yes on error yes ISO international
Phone / fax Keep as is Prov. priority international NANP, DIN or E.123
E-mail Keep as is on error yes none
GPS Lat & Long Keep as is average on all no ISO 9.6
Hotel content standardization
AIT hotel content Standardization
More homogeneity for an optimal search and more readability for an optimal productivity.

Location: Location is set as the closest relevant POI. matched for all suppliers, avoiding multiple redundancies, greatly facilitates later location searches.

Cities: A second city field is added with the administrative city name (independant of the provider's one) and set in 2 languages (English and original language)

IATA: AIT hotel data matcher validates destination codes (IATA) used by suppliers and set it as the preferred one (as per your suppliers ranking) but a second IATA code field is created, corresponding to the closest IATA location. It can be a train station, an airport, a cruise terminal. IATA fields names are added.

Phone numbers: By default AIT hotel data matcher will set them in the international one, following each country owns nomenclature.

Seq. Name Address City Prov City Admin State Postal code Country code Country name Location Preferred IATA Preferred IATA name Closest IATA Closest IATA name Phone
1 Howard Johnson Plaza Miami Beach North 8701 Collins Avenue North Beach Surfside FL 33154 US United States On the beach MIA Miami Intl. MPB Seaplane Base +1 (305) 825-1000
2 Hotel Midland Sheremetyevo Khimki, Quarter Klyaz'ma Moscow Moscow - Химки 141400 RU Russian Federation Connected to the airport SVO Sheremetyevo Intl. SVO Sheremetyevo Intl. +7 495 660-30-99
3 Cristal Palace Rua Francisco Otaviano 56 Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janeiro RJ 22080-040 BR Brazil Copacabana RIO Rio De Janeiro Intl. SDU Santos Dumont +55 21 2513-2048
4 Le Meurice Dorchester Collection 228 Rue De Rivoli Paris Paris 01 75001 FR France Louvre Museum CDG Charles de Gaulle Intl. XPG Gare du Nord +33 1 44 58 10 10
5 Ramada Plaza Pudong 18 Xin Jin Qiao Road Shanghai Shanghai - 上海 201206 CN China Pudong District SHA Hongqiao Intl. PVG Guójì Jīchǎng +86 (21) 5055 4666
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