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get 100% qualified inventories

40 mapped criterias to play with

elimitates 95% of hard work

unified, normalized descriptions for all

automatic elimination of errors

multi room codes ids matching


market leads, competitive intelligence

increased margins

higher converstion rates

lower your purchase costs

a renewed competitiveness

optimal productivity

Hotel room level mapping / matching, how it works
Alliance for Intelligence Travel: how it works
Room and offer level mapping / matching break down
room types and classes

main mapping categories (examples)

Room category
1 bedroom, 2, 3, 4...
Room type
loft, bungalow, apartment, condo, villa, capsule, cabana, cottage, studio, penthouse, atelier, residence, guesthouse, suite, dormitory, room, cabin, cave, chalet, townhouse, townhome, home, lodge, mobile, tent...
Room class
economic, presidential, business, traditional, standard, deluxe, grand, large, small, prestige, select, elite, parlor, ultimate, corner, shared, superior, royal...
Bed type
double, king, queen, twin...
Bed class
california, large, semi, full...
Bed number
2 kings, 2 single beds, quad beds...
view type
bay, beach, city, garden, golf, lagoon, lake, ocean, park, pool...
view class
partial, front, side...
extra & characteristics

sub mapping categories (examples)

extra beds
sofa, rollaway, bunk, cot, couch, trundle, extra bed...
balcony / patio
balcony, terrasse, veranda, lanai, rooftop...
wifi, wired...
kitchen, kitchenette, microwave...
smoking, none smoking.
yes or no, room characteristics like rollin shower, for impaired, hearing...
fridge, minibar, TV, whrilpool...
bedroom, bathroom...
policies & pax

main matching categories (examples)

yes or no
required or not
yes or no
included or not, any kind processed
room only, breakfast types, half board, full board, all inclusive, number of breakfasts, kids eat free....
room usage
single use, double use, no kids, max bed usage...
pax usage
max guests, max adults, max childs, high capacity room, adults only...
limitations & bonuses

sub matching categories (examples)

floor level
high, low, land floor...
aaa, rack, acc...
promotion and deals
advanced purchase, 15% off, discounted rates, breakfast promotion...
plans & packages
spa package, family plan...
resort credit
golf, bar, food, restaurant...
upgraded room class, high floor upgrade...
An easy to use UX

Manage your preferences for online services and API

drag and drop your files, upload to the cloud

our automated online tools will check your listing, unduplicate them before sending them to the mapper

Map millions within few minutes

Receive your result dowload link or wait for it to come back into our UX tools

Choose your prefered format, CSV, XLS, JSON, XML, for online services and API

upload to the cloud with ease
Configure you mapping options at the deepest levels

Set your mapping and matching profiles

Customize your very own mapping and matching to perfectly fit your needs

groupby with ease, go deep into details

manage your mapping profiles

Set your preferences among 40 criterias and multiple "deepness" options

We are the only ones to provide hotel room level mapping and matching with such precision

matching options
Confronte results with ease

Use our online tool to manipule mapping results

load your saved results.

search among multiple groupby criterias

immediatly match room codes

manipulate the mapped result from the online service or API

our mapper finds corresponding room codes, find exact matches, sort others by proximity

comapre and manipulate mapped results
The leaderboard

Immediatly spot the cheapest lead-in, for OTA and suppliers

profitabilty comparator and GP margin sorted out, with extreme precision in the mapping

dont be just satisfied with few mapped criterias that will only get you more in trouble

Because our mapper maps everything, he is able to exactly find coresponding rooms

extract GP margins, from your files or live from suppliers API availability queries

See who s the best option

leaderboard results
Advanced options for OTA and suppliers

Use our advanced tools to boost your productivity

extract room codes at the most precise level ever

find leads-in, GP margins, generate your custom room codes

Match BAR prices

find discrepencies inside your listing

matching options
The "normalizer"

A unique, state of the art functionality

our tool, called the "normalizer" will rewrite descriptions in English based on all parsed criterias

This allows to unify all room descriptions for a perfect and easy to read experience across your website

the normalizer is a very advanced tool and allows descriptions to be perfectly translated into any languages

mapping rooms descriptions based on already mapped description ? Lost databases ?

We have solutions for you

advanced NPL options

customisation available

Easy integration with our XML or JSON API results

Set what mapping criterias you want in your result

the most advanced API on the market

Need power for live mapping ?

not a problem, you can map 100 APIs at the same time for any destination

advanced filterings for you and all your team

group by any cumulative criterias you need

in addition, our mapper accepts 2 different room codes per room, per supplier

room group by
Play with the Artificial Intelligence

solutions available in the cloud, generate custom DLLs for yourself

advanced mapping and matching options

set up the level of deep learning as well as for the Natural Language Processor

scalability made easy. Universal for any servers

play with the artificial intelligence
Multilingual support

Our Natural Language Processor supports English, Spanish and French

room descriptions come from a variety of regions

languages can be mixed inside descriptions, it does not matter

mapped criterias are all in english

more languages added along the way

Multilingual support selection

customisation available


across the UX web service

upload your csv files and receive an email once done

up to 18.000 mapping per secondes

multi threaded, dedicated servers

the simple way to retrieve room mapping details

ux endpoint

across the API

receive a fully qualified json or XML response with all mapping details

over 500.000 room mappings per seconde solution available

massive // processing, cloud based. set your needed performance level

map live unlimited number of suppliers API availability queries at once

api endpoint

dedicated servers and cloud based solutions available

And so much more...
we are happy to help and have you to try our solutions
free demo credentials @

CSV file mapping instructions

A: Select mapping matching options, above.
click on above tabs and build your criterias list to be maped in your result.

B: select files
Follow the CSV fields instruction below and have the appropriate fields set before uploading your listing.

C: choose output
Click on your result file format (CSV, JSON evo or full).

E: launch mapper
Launch the mapping. wait for the download link to be returned or check your email.

During process
The mapper statut (above central panel) will keep you informed about what is going on.

speeding process
Time vary according to the number of asynchronous threads selected in the "power user"=> "endpoint"=> "this web page" tab. default is 6.

if you have room descriptions with policies and offer specifications already inside the description, they will be parsed as well, No need for suppliers API data, or availabilty request API data.

using supplier s data:
you can overimpose data from suppliers inside the mapping process.

For travel mapping and matching problematics, we can provide consulting services in a variety of fields of expertise.

Thank you for your interet in Travel Alliance technologies.

cel phone: +33

CSV file required fields format

In your xls (csv) file, The first table line is used for the fields names (in lowercase).

Your csv file must be saved comma separated

column A: hid the hotel id: can be empty, it can be any, yours or suppliersoptional

column B: supplier supplier s code: can be empty, it can be anyoptional

column C: rcode1 room code 1: can be empty, it can be anyoptional

column D: rcode2 room code 2: can be empty, it can be anyoptional

column E: amount room amount can be empty, number or decimaloptional

column F: name room name: must be with a description as text, any kindmandatory

column G: cancel cancel policy: can be empty, true or falseoptionalnew

column H: refund refund policy: can be empty, true or falseoptionalnew

column I: fees fees policy: can be empty, true or falseoptionalnew

column J: board board meal: can be empty or a stringoptionalnew

adding suppliers policies INSIDE your mapping

An easy mapping using supplier API policies

surimpose policies like "supportcancelation" boleans from suppliers API.

By setting the last 4 fields, you can surimpose API data over what s in the description. This is especialy handy for policies.

you have a complete indexed list to use.

column G: cancel cancel policy, set it to true or false to overwrite what s in the description (false = cannot be canceled) (true = cancelable) (null or emty: from description)

column H: refund refund policy, set it to true or false to overwrite what s in the description (false = none refundable) (true = refundable) (null or emty: from description)

column I: fees fees policy, set it to true or false to overwrite what s in the description (false = fees excluded) (true = fees included) (null or emty: from description)

column J: board board meal, add any description.

setting up your csv columns

only one is required (name) with the room name.

the mapper will take into account any others from the list if they are set. all columns can be mixed as far as they retain the proper column name

examples of csv columns:

hid - name

hid - supplier - price - name

hid - rcode1 - price - name - cancel - fees

hid - supplier - rcode1 - rcode2 - amount - name - cancel - refund - fees - board


mapper activity: standing by

add files

results as

send download link to


set your mapping & matching profil.
saved profil are used for csv, json, xml, downloads and API response
Select map criteria to include in room mapping
Select match criteria to include in groupby matching
Select the level of matching groupby deepness







Create you own description.
Drag and drop html, ponctuation and criteria
Under finalization. A generic normalizer form is set as default



criteria html ponctuation

drag & drop zone

Choose matching options
Works for csv, json, xml, downloads and API response
Check statut and if available at the present time
More to come. Thank you

matching options

API JSON evo response

use the CSV inline or API json as bellow.

my custom mapping and matching lists

contact us in order to set up what would be best for you to customize your mapper / matcher profiles

inspect and check corresponding terms table below before saving

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