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WDS booking platform at the service of your margin and turnover

4 times more commissions
4 times more commissions
10% commision plus
50% on overall gross profit margin.

WDS is a unique offer designed for travel agencies, to increase margins and reduce costs.

We are flexible for you

Transparency regarding any of your needs.

a dedicated B2B search tool
no hidden fees of any kind
$ 10 fee per month for access,
canceled after any booking, per month
manage your bookings & commissions easily
policies, limitations and fees made simple
see public BAR, see your profit
we are flexible for commission payment

Security in mind

secured credit card processing

Secured transactions and payments.

secured payement

By Wells Fargo

Best deals finder tool

Play with our A.I. tools to spot top deals with maximized profit.

most profitable mapped room offer finder

Hotels and rentals

350.000 hotels and 60.000 rentals available

More opportunities to answer your clients.

With 350.000 hotels and 60.000 rentals WDS gives more choices.

A winning recipe

WDS is a unique offer designed to increase your margins and reduce your costs.

Allowed by our AI at your service and at the service of your margin and turnover.

Compare and right spot best cheapest deals

Play with the B2B & B2C A.I. tools to spot top deals.

Play with the B2B & B2C A.I.

A unique win / win solution

Enhance your profit margin.

An automated, fast and intuitive AI
Identify the best offers
Optimal productivity
A renewed competitiveness
Lower your purchase costs
Increasing your income

Offers mapper & matcher

Match wholesale prices and published BAR
Match wholesale prices and published best available rate.

Navigate across suppliers hotels offers.

Compare hotels rooms specs, any views ?, bedrooms number and room types, number and beds types.

Any freebies available for the accommodation or rooms are also clearly shown.

With WDS matching A.I. , your commission takes volume!

Go straight to the point

WDS is for travel pros only.

No obligation on using our platform
Very low minimal fees for using it
No "extras" fees etc...
E&O insurance included
Direct deposit commissions
access 300.000 hotels
access 60.000 vacation rentals

Demo access

Regain profitability and turnover

earn 10% on your public price.

earn 50% of the remaining margin between our wholesale purchase price and your public selling price.

More we earn, more you earn for a win / win deal.

Thanks to our unique platform and 10 years of wholesales experience, we know where to buy to have 100% or even 200% gross margin !This makes a huge difference at the end...

You earn 4 times more

Let s compare with other commissions models.

commission comparator

Dedicated B2B platform

WDS uses the latest technologies available, rendering results instantly.

intuitive and flexible
advanced filters
search with ease
look at what's free & promotions
check fees & policies
sort offers by commissions
set your own selling price
deliver targeted offers
be competitive
responsive design

Hyper geo search

An easy and powerfull content database search engine.

mapped hotel geo search

Interactive mapped room prices comparator

Interactive mapped room prices comparator

Compare prices, policies, BAR and margins.

hotel matching and room mapping tools.

Mapped hotels & room filters

Mapped hotels & room filters

Within few clicks, select and filter based on multiple criteria.

As a web app, travel alliance uses your computer or tablet to do some work. no lag or wait time while playing with filters.

Hotel matching and room mapping solutions

Select hotels and offers according to your customers needs.

Select hotels and offers

Advanced matching and mapping tools for travel professionals

A productivity booster

Process thousands of offers within seconds.

find out the cheapest provider and compare
go deep into details
find BAR, market GP margins
offers profitability sorting
manage agencies, independant agents
for any business models
custom solutions

Suppliers, OTA and GDS database mapping

Suppliers database mapping
Plug in your affiliate program. WDS processes any data sources.

Taking the most complete and relevant ones from each suppliers whenever it can find it. Description, facilities, recreation, spa, dining, attraction, amenities, pictures, cancel policies, limitation policies, Maintenance, and much much more...

Easy booking work-flow

A state of the art booking check-list.

fast booking workflow and check list

Rentability deltas

business model feasibility manager
Compares offers and sort them by profit.

Find out best wholesale price and optimal BAR. See GP margins, rentability, feasibility deltas according to your business model.

Large scale profit sorting

Large scale profit sorting

A stunning feature. WDS entirely map all hotels and rentals, all offers, all rooms for profitability.

See what hotels offers are the most profitable for you and your clients, and benefit the most the end customer.

Our mapping and matching business intelligence, what is it ?

Being a wholesaler for the past 10 years, we know how important it is to properly buy from suppliers.

WDS uses a unique business intelligence allowing to find BAR and GP margins.

Use our hotel matching and room mapping solutions to find out who s the cheapest for the best service available.

Our solution allows to manage your supply chain with ease, as well as all sub levels, agencies and travel agents!

hotel mapping business intelligence
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